Elementary Tutoring


In many public schools, the SAT is used in primary grades, prior to Florida Standardized Assessments. Students must have a foundation that is strong in number sense, listening comprehension, following verbal directions, and test-taking strategies. Ensuring these skills at a young age will assist students throughout their educational careers.


For many students, they begin the Reading and Math FSA in 3rd grade. In order to perform this assessment students must have a range of skills mastered that are outlined in the Florida state standards. It is important to ensure that students are able to take what they have learned in class and apply their learning independently.



There are so many components that go into reading. It begins with phonemic awareness, students’ ability to hear and manipulate phonemes (or sounds). Students then begin reading these sounds, which are letters, and building words. This skill transfers to word reading in isolation and then in sentence form. After decoding has been established. Students can then build comprehension skills. These skills include foundational skills, such as who, what, when, where questions, and then follow the developmental continuum to include inferencing, compare and contrast, and more. It is important to ensure that students have a firm foundation in all reading skills so that comprehension and fluency can be attained and built upon.


When writing a card to a loved one, do you ever stop to think about which direction each stroke of your letters will take? The letter “a” has a tail, but so does the letter “u.” The letter “k” has two slanted sticks, but so does the letter “v.” Letter formation is built in primary grades and is used to form words and sentences once the skills become fluid and concrete. As students become older, they learn how to take these sentences and form paragraphs, topic sentences, and research papers. No matter where your child is at on the continuum of writing, it is important to teach strategies to achieve each step in the writing process so students do not become overwhelmed and can write confidently and independently.


Math is a progressive subject. Each skill is one that will support the next learned skill. For example, it all starts with numbers. Students learn how to count and identify numbers. This skill will then assist students as they learn to add, subtract, solve word problems, and more. In the same way, students learn how to solve simple algebraic expressions which will help them solve complex theorems and properties. No matter where a student is at on the progression of mathematics he or she must be sure that the skills preceding the taught concepts are learned so that skills can continue to build upon each other.


Did you know that students who have background knowledge of key historical topics can also increase their comprehension? Various student assessments used within the classroom are based on historical topics. How much better will students answer the comprehension questions and writing prompts if they have already been taught and understand the historical topic, person, or event?


A very popular subject among most students, that often involves high-interest topics and a plethora of hands-on learning, is science. What most students don’t realize is that science can build learning in various areas of academics. Whether students are practicing their comprehension skills as they reflect on a passage about the invention of the light bulb or how gravity works as they drop an egg onto a flat surface and await the SPLAT, students are learning valuable skills that will assist them as they learn to explore and analyze new content.

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