Exceptional Post Secondary Training

Employment skills are refined and implemented as students learn through hands-on learning experiences.

Exceptional Post Secondary Training includes:

Vocational/Employability Skills Training

As students prepare to increase their independence and community contributions, they are provided on the job training, job coaching, career exposure, strengths analysis, and rubrics to track students areas of growth and need.

Transition Planning

Transition looks different for every individual. Each student receives a plan of transition services, which can include but is not limited to: housing, employment, and budgeting, as they prepare to take the next step in their adult lives.

IEP Consulting

IEP consulting is a service that is offered at any age. If a student has an IEP this service applies. As a parent or guardian you are allowed to ask questions, invite individuals of your choosing to your child’s IEP meetings, and understand the full extent of the services your child receives. We are here to help explain the process, offer insight and support, and

Social Groups

Do you wish your child had a safe place to practice greeting people, starting and maintaining conversations, and interacting with other peers? You are in luck! We offer various social groups throughout the different seasons of the year to allow students a safe environment to practice their social skills. From bowling to speed interviews we do it all.

Community Connections


Without realizing it, students are working towards becoming contributing community members each and everyday. Maybe money counting skills will help some students as they manage a restaurant one day in the future. Writing skills could assist students with secretarial work in the future. You never know which skills will impact students’ future success or which career each student will choose. We believe it is important for students to make real-world connections with their learning. This is done through tutoring and the teaching of skills. In addition, allowing students to complete on the job training and participate in social events also build community awareness and career readiness for students.

Summer Camps – Coming Summer 2020

“Mrs. Elliott takes the time with me as a parent to address any concerns I may have and keeps me informed on DJ’s progress.”



“I not only get to work on what is hard for me, but I get to work on things I enjoy too, which helps me stay focused.”



“Mrs. Katlyn has a heart of GOLD. She is so kind and patient. She always has a way to challenge my kids and makes them want to work harder! We LOVE her!!!”



“Mrs. Katlyn is fun, loving and caring. She helps me with things I don’t understand.”